pakistani drama ainak wala jin

PTV to Bring Pakistani Drama Ainak Wala Jin Back After 29 Years

Pakistani Drama Ainak Wala Jin

Pakistani Drama Ainak Wala Jinn is among the biggest TV show ever viewed in Pakistan. Produced by Pakistan Television, the show was aired for four seasons, becoming a fan favorite. Ainak Wala Jin Episode 1 was release in 1993. Due to the hit that the show was, it was re-aired twice after its initial run, to great public appreciation.

Now, PTV is planning to revive the memories of the good old days by telecasting Ainak wala Jin. In a recent conversation, Haseeb Pasha, a TV star and man behind the show revealed the future plans for the show. Haseeb Pasha, who played the role of Hamoon Jadugar, announced the awesome news in an interview

’’میرے پاس تم ہو‘‘ کو بھارت میں کاپی کرنے پر صارفین کے سوشل میڈیا پر دلچسپ تبصرے

“I recently had a conversation with some PTV officials at the Lahore station and they expressed their desire to revive the show on the miniscreen,” said Mr. Haseeb Pasha.

Asked why the play went off the screen in 2002, Mr. Pasha said the programme was over because of a lack of interest of producers and others in the PTV. Hafeez Tahir was the creator, producer and writer of this show and he had immense interest in this production. After his (Mr. Tahir’s) retirement, Mr. Pasha said, no one bothered to keep the show rolling.

The dual show of Ainak Wala Jin and Putli Tamasha is attracting large audiences, mostly children, who gather at Alhamra every Sunday to watch them. The theme of this drama was conceived by Hafeez Tahir as an amalgamation of fantasy, real life, and science fiction.

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