July 2023 is the 9th wettest month in the last 63 years.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has named July 2023 as the ninth wettest month in the past 63 years, as the country received rainfall that was notably higher than average, at more than 70 percent, The News reported.

According to Met Office data, the previous record for the highest national rainfall in July was 177.80 mm, which was recorded in 2022.

The PMD data further highlighted that the heaviest rainfall of the month occurred on July 23, with Lahore drenched in 206 mm of rain. Interestingly, the city became the wettest place after the heavy rains, with a total monthly rainfall of 668.7mm.

Gilgit Baltistan, recording largely above average (44.30mm/+233%), saw the wettest-ever July during the past 63 years (the record was 44.20mm in 1993), while Balochistan recorded 62.70mm/+111% (record was 163.30mm in 2022) and Sindh recorded 146.0mm/+143% (record is 245.40mm in 2022) rain, while the month ranked the 7th and 9th wettest July during the past 63 years, respectively. Punjab saw 152.80mm/+47%, AJK with 27.70mm/+31% and KP with 127.30mm/+19% also observed above-normal rainfall.

Other significant rainfalls were recorded at Balakot 477 mm, Islamabad Zero Point 453.9 mm, Kasur 442.0 mm, Kakul 427 mm, Sialkot Cantt 422.4 mm, Murree 415.5 mm, Rawalpindi 408 mm, Rawalkot 400.9 mm. Muzaffarabad Airport 392.1 mm, Gujranwala Cantt 386.5 mm, Muzaffarabad City 379 mm, Chakwal 365.9 mm, Jhelum 346.4 mm, Padaidan 327.6 mm, Malam Jabba 319 mm and Mandi Bahauddin 296 mm.

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