Flattering Column by FATIMA MALIK

As a human being we have strong instinct to be praised. We like to be praised. Everyone wants to be encouraged whenever we do something good. We wish our efforts should be considered by others. As it strengthens us more from inner side. However praising some good deed or beauty is totally different from that of flattering. Unfortunately for getting so called material benefits most of us adopt this habit of flattering. Mostly employees flatter their boss for the sake of being in good books of their boss. Instead of focusing on their job and working honestly they focus on flattering their boss in order to get advantage over their coworkers. Flattering works but it is not long lasting. Moreover whenever you flatter you kill your self respect. It is against the dignity of a human. You may be lost your image when you over flatter someone.
Praise the beauty with regard and respect but don’t adopt the bad habit of flattering. Be dignified and focus on your work and have faith in Allah Almighty. Your success is in the hands of Allah. Allah shows you the path of success. And flattering is not included in the teachings of Islam. So whatever anyone says flattering never gives you success in any case.
Fatima Malik

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