Depression Column by FATIMA MALIK

As a human being we suffer with a lots of challenges in our life. Our wants are unlimited. We want better and better in our life. Mostly people are competing for their basic necessities of life. We use different ways in order to accomplish our goals. Our goal may be our material wants or emotional needs. When our goal is achieved our want is accomplished we feel so excited, so happy and so cheerful that nothing is beyond our access. And when we can’t achieve our goal in life we are in state of depression.
Depression is caused when we lost our patience. We indulge in ingratitude. We don’t thank to Allah Almighty for the lots of favors and blessings other than that particular want for which we are over crazed. We don’t consider that Allah knows the best. And He do only that which is best for us. We madly demand single flower but Allah prepares for us a complete bouquet. We always remain tens either for our future happenings that what will be happened? Or for our past deeds and always continue to think why that was happened. We just don’t consider our present. We don’t pay thanks to Allah for the beautiful things, blessings and people that are there for us in our present. We don’t enjoy our small moments. We don’t find little cheerful things that spread all around us. We just ignore and close our eyes as we have seen nothing and we are finished.
Allah Almighty taught us in Holy Quran that we should pay our humble thanks to Allah for His enormous blessings. And be patient on the wishes which we can’t fulfill. And enjoy every moment of life as a symbol of Thanks to Allah. We should enjoy all the things which we have now. As when present pass away we would regret that we have lost all opportunities just because of our pessimism. As yesterday has gone, tomorrow is uncertain and we have only the day, today, today is our day. It is upon us whether to fill it with pleasure or waste it in depression.

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